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            Saturday,. May 16,. 2015 7 :30 PM  Forum Theater

SWINGIN’   IN  SPRING”    Aussie Style!         With  with Melbourne’s    SCOTT   HARRISON                                                              and the                                                                                                       B. T. O. S.   D I X I E L A N D        J A Z Z      B A N D   

 Rob Weinberger     Arslan Kachadourian,    Ryan Zawel               Chris Mann                   Michael Wellen









Swing to Dixieland,  Hollywood and Broadway’s best. New mixes  (selected from)   Hello Dolly, Bill Bailey,    Mack the Knife, When you're Smiling,  Darktown Strutters Ball, Ain' Misbehavin, -Just a Closer Walk With Thee ,  -Basin Street Blues, -Sweet Georgia Brown, -Tiger Rag and , -Sheik of Araby., t. Louie Blues, Sentimental Journey, Moonlight in Vermont, JC Superstar and Phantom of the Opera..                                                     

                       Saturday May 16,  2015       7:30 PM          FORUM THEATRE.                                                    

    TICKETS : 607 773 1495  $15-Adults;  $5-Vets  & students;   $30-Families                                                                    Charge  WITH  Credit  Card  or  Pay Pal  on this website   CLICK on TICKETS !                                                             LIKE   U S   ON     WWW.FACEBOOK/BinghamtonTOS

 Presented  by the Binghamton Theater Organ Society, Inc, a 501c3 non profit corporation


 ON FIRST FRIDAY, OCT 2,  2015     DROP IN   from the State Street entrance and HEAR THE  FORUM'S  UNIT THEATRICAL ORGAN   AT  7   &  8:30 PM  FREE !!

WATCH Resident theatrical organist   Nancy Wildoner play her POP PIPES program . HEAR  chart-topping  hit songs   from   THEN  to NOW!

EVERYONE WINS!  Sit close and WATCH  her use  the unique instrument's pipes and  "Toy  Counter" sound effects!  

IMBIBE with Theatrical goodie snacks available at modest costs.

     NEW   SEASON   TICKET   PL AN    STARTS JULY  1,  2015

 FIVE Film,s  or programs  included in the  2015-16 SEASON TICKET   plan.  RESERVED SEATING  is also new for subscribers.

 General Single Tickets  $20.  SEASON  is $75  for  the General Public($15 per program  ---$ 25 savings  per season )

MEMBERS (  dononrs of $30 or more per season) Single Tickets $15, Season $50 ( $10 per  program; $50 savings  with seaosn)

FAMILIES  (6 persons over  7 years old)  $45 per program,($9 per person)

MEMBER  Families - Singles $40 per program, ($6 .66 per porson)  )SEASON  $150  ($5 per person)  

Veterans(and families), students &  under 22 - Singles $10, SEASON $ 30 ($6 per pogram)


Sunday Dec  27, 2015  2:00 PM.   A Family Comedy  made in 1976


Jim Ford--Musical  interpreter on  the Robert-Morton Theatrical Unit Organ 

This 1976  Slapstick Comedy film was made with  no words

spoken until Marceau  talked!  ONE word!!!

(per Wikipedia's   website)  SILENT MOVIE is a 1976 satirical comedy film co-written,

directed by, and starring Mel Brooks, and released by 20th Century Fox

on June 17, 1976. 

       The ensemble cast includes Dom DeLuise, Marty Feldman, Bernadette

Peters, and Sid Caesar, with appearances by Anne Bancroft, Liza Minnelli,

Burt Reynolds, James Caan, Marcel Marceau and Paul Newman playing


While indeed silent (except for one word, music and numerous sound effects),

the film is a parody of the silent film genre, particularly the  slapstick comedies

of Charlie Chaplin, Mack Sennett, and Buster Keaton. Among the film's most

famous gags is the fact that the only audible word in the movie is spoken by

Marcel Marceau, a noted mime!

.       Sound is a big factor in the film's humor, as when a scene that shows New York City , begins with the song "San Francisco", only to have it come to a sudden stop as  the musicians realize they are playing the wrong music. They then go into "I'll Take Manhattan" instead.

A play on the 1970s trend of large corporations buying up smaller companies is parodied in this film by the attempt of the Engulf and Devour Corporation to take control of a studio (a thinly veiled reference to Gulf+Western's takeover of Paramount Pictures).



Saturday March 28, 2015 7 PM the "KING OF KINGS" Cecil B DeMiille's 1927 Crucifixion story Jim Ford - organist

Sunday, December 28, 2014   Jim Ford- Conceptor and organist. "SILENT   FILM   FUNNIES 

"JACK FROST" (This film was not seen due to projector problems )  

“THE INSECTS' CHRISTMAS”  (1913)  9”    Russian film

  “THE CONQUEST OF THE NORTH POLE”    (1912)   30"   sci-fi/adventure by Georges Melies

 “BIG MOMENTS FROM LITTLE PICTURES” (1924)  20”  Will Rogers

  TILLIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE” (1914). 84"      Chaplin-- 1st (ever)   Full lengt

 Dec 29, 2007  TWAS THE NIGHT AFTER ( EVERYTHING HOLIDAY )     Richard Van Auken - Savoyards chorus, ,                                     Yelverton  Dance Studio, Rafael  Grigorian Dance studio. Gregory Keeler, Steven nanni  Katrina Cox

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