UPCOMING     2015-16   Season. Now with reserved seating .

                       ALL   PROGRAMS  ON  SUNDAYS   AT    2 PM

Oct. 4, 2015   -                     Harold Lloyd plays “THE FRESHMAN”                                              and son-in-law in                                                                                                   “HOT WATER” (How NOT to drive downtown,                                                     especially with Mother-in-Law riding shotgun          ! 

                           with JIM FORD, Resident Master Theatre Organist providing

                           original  musical conceptions of the  hilarious  actions!


Nov. 22, 2015  –  JOHN LEDWON,   Disney  Theatre's   finest musical  Interpreter returns with a wealth of DISNEY'S                                                            finest  Tunes-  plus  John WILLIAMS,  Leonard                                                         BERNSTEIN, The PHANTOM  and MORE!



Dec. 27,   2015     "MEL BROOKS"  “SILENT MOVIE” the   1970’s           Soundless slapstick  Film,  in full  color.. STARS include                                                                        Bernadette Peters.   Mel Brooks, Dom DeLuise,  Marty Feldman,  Sid Caesar,                                                                              Burt Reynolds,  James Caan, Liza Minnelli, Anne Bancroft , Paul Newman,                                                  Marcel Marceau, Henny Youngman.  ONE word is spoken! Guess  by whom? Need you ASK ?


                             JIM FORD  makes this film NOT so Silent with                                                   his stylistic extemporisations.


April 10, 2016         “CHARLIE CHAPLIN  MINI- FEST 2”              A Night           The Floorwalker;  The Tramp;       The Cure;                          In The Show







            JIM FORD INTERPRETS  Chaplin's pre-1919 Comedies



May 15, 2016              OUR NEW  RESIDENT ORGANIST  NANCY WILDONER   featurng Vocalists Randy Messing                  and Judy Giblin







TICKET  INFO -  ALL SEATS RESERVED 607 773 1495, 11 AM to 10 PM daily TO BOOK !                                                        Box Office opens at the Forum  12 noon on  each show day.

 Tickets may be obtained easily on this  Web Site (click on TICKETS and  MEMBERSHIPS above). Use PayPal and Credit Cards.    PRINT & CALL 607 773 1495 to reserve your desired seats,. If  time is too tight for us to mail your tickets, BRING  your receipt to the  Box Office on show day  and  get your tickets at the MEMBERS WINDOW .                                                                                                                         All Chidren under 8 are free with adults 

               SEASON TICKETS INCLUDE ALL FIVE PROGRAMS LISTED ABOVE. ALL TICKETS are good for ANY show this season.  Exchange umnused tickets for another date at any  show time

NON MEMBERS    Adults $75, Vets $35, Students $25;     Familes(up to 6 adults)   $160


                 ADULTS - $50,  FAMLIES ( up to 6 adults )  $150   VETERANS (AND THEIR FAMILY'S ) $35  EACH  ;   STUDENTS $20 EACH.                                       Lower Membership donations also apply. 

                 SINGLE TICKETS:  

Adults - $20;  Vets and  families and Students (any age)  $10,   Family  (up to 6 adults)  $60    Member Adults $15                                   MEMBER VETS,  THEIR FAMILIES AND STUDENTS  $8.    Under 8 years - Free with adult.





Saturday May 16, 2015 7PM Swinging in Spring Aussie style,  BTOS Jazz Band, Scott Harrison on organ  (Rob Weinberger, Arslan Kachadourian, Ryan Zawel, Michael Wellen, Chris Mann)

Saturday March 28, 2015 7 PM the "KING OF KINGS" Cecil B DeMiille's 1927 Crucifixion story Jim Ford - organist

Sunday, December 28, 2014   Jim Ford- Conceptor and organist. "SILENT   FILM   FUNNIES 

"JACK FROST" (This film was not seen due to projector problems )  

“THE INSECTS' CHRISTMAS”  (1913)  9”    Russian film

  “THE CONQUEST OF THE NORTH POLE”    (1912)   30"   sci-fi/adventure by Georges Melies

 “BIG MOMENTS FROM LITTLE PICTURES” (1924)  20”  Will Rogers

  TILLIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE” (1914). 84"      Chaplin-- 1st (ever)   Full lengt

 Dec 29, 2007  TWAS THE NIGHT AFTER ( EVERYTHING HOLIDAY )     Richard Van Auken - Savoyards chorus, ,                                     Yelverton  Dance Studio, Rafael  Grigorian Dance studio. Gregory Keeler, Steven nanni  Katrina Cox