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                                                                BOX OFFICE  INSTANT  INFO

TICKETS available through  www.BinghamtonTOS.org   website or phone  607 773 1495 11 AM to 11 PM daily

  Adults $15;  Member Adults $10;  Families (up to 6 over 7 years - $30;  Veterans and their families  $5 each;  

all under 22,  Students - $5;      under 8 Free with adult. GROUP PRICES AND RESRVED SEATS PSSIBLE AS IS A

PRIVATE BOOKING- Call Paul  607 773 1495 For details 

Box office at Forum opens  2 horus before any show time   .  

        Saturday  March 28,  2015  7-9:55 PM                                                                                CECIL   B.   DEMILLE'S       E P I C   1927                                                          "THE KING OF KINGS"        


  Experience   the Christian World's  greatest  story told  as only Cecil B. DeMille can, with 

JIM FORD  providing the Quintessential,  extempraneous , emotionially charged music  Essential  to the Actor's sound-less performance.

 The 2nd of DeMille's Biblical Trilogy, this partially  Technicolor Seilent Film tells  the  story of the Crucifixion Times  from   key persons views, including Mary Magdalene, Judas, Mother Mary,  young Mark, the Temple Priests,  a  blind girl, a Family's  mentally handicapped child, the Disciples , Judas and  JC Himself.


GROUPS (Pre-paid) (15 & over hold specific  seats; 25 and over are discounted up to 50%.                                                          Private screenings ( 1525 seats available) ( Hold your own Service?) - $3500. Call 773 1495 



Iim Ford  

Resident Master Theatre Organist brings his prodigious talents 

to  musically interpret  the  moods and  emotions silently expressed by

the Actors .   A pianist/organist/composer   Ford, a native

Binghamtonian, is a graduate of SUNY Potsdam. He served as a

linguist in West Germany in the US Army and after composing the

score for the original musical comedy Jericho in Michigan in 1974

returned to his hometown and was one of the volunteers who assisted  

in the restoration and installation of the 4/24 Robert Morton 

organ in The Forum. He has played original accompaniment for

several silent films on the Link organ at the Roberson Center and a

 The Forum (including the first-in-the-world accompaniment for

The Artist) and earlier this year for students at Bucknell University,

Lewisburg, PA, as well as for the “1914 Revue” at the Capitol Theatre

in Rome, New York.




Saturday May 16, 2015 7:30 PM  

"SWINGIN' IN SPRING, AUSSIE STYLE " featuring  SCOTT  HARRISON, Australian Guest Master Theater Organist with Broome's own                                 BASIN STREET  DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND  for a family fun  evening of Hollywood, Broadway and Dixieland Music.  





Sunday, Decembe 28, 2014   2 PM (to 4:15 PM)  at thForum Theatre,      236 Washington St,. (downtown) Binghamton, N.Y.   19301 Jim Ford- Conceptor and organist. "SILENT FILM FUNNIES 

"JACK FROST" (This film was not seen due to projector problems )  

“THE INSECTS' CHRISTMAS”  (1913)  9”    Russian film

  “THE CONQUEST OF THE NORTH POLE”    (1912)   30"   sci-fi/adventure by Georges Melies

 “BIG MOMENTS FROM LITTLE PICTURES” (1924)  20”  Will Rogers

             Dec 29, 2007  TWAS THE NIGHT AFTER ( EVERYTHING HOLIDAY )     Richard Van Auken - Savoyards chorus, , Yelverton                      Dance Studio, Rafael  Grigorian Dance studio. Gregory Keeler, Steven nanni  Katrina Cox

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